Marble Cliff revolution postponed

Published December 20, 2011 by justicewg

Marble Cliff’s city council voted 3 to 2 in favor of “de-occupying” Grandview’s services, but the revolution is on hold.

The city has a long history of complaining about the money that Grandview charges for police, fire, etc. I found the record of grumbling by MC started back in 2006 when they asked for a one year contract. This was supposedly a result of their largest revenue source, NiSource, closing their facility in June 2005. During the current contract negotiation they threw the histrionics into high gear and required Grandview and Upper Arlington to provide bids (and second level, super bargain bids) to the council. At the Dec. 19 council meeting they voted 3 votes to 2 in favor of leaving Grandview’s finances in shambles. But because Councilman Cincione, who works as a magistrate for Grandview, abstained from voting, the 3 votes were not a majority and the result is a deadlock.

Marble Cliff’s council members knew that they needed 4 votes to carry out their revolution. There is nothing that indicates this to be anything but a bargaining tactic before they sign the contract with Grandview.

I wish good luck to MC getting the Arlington police (with a much more unfavorable officer to resident ratio) to show up in your city at night when the boogie man roams the streets.

(update) The Marble Cliff council voted to stay with Grandview at the Jan. 16 meeting.


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