The “thank you” card from the school

Published December 1, 2011 by justicewg

There was a card delivered to each house in November, it was a “thanks” notice from the school district that noted the upgrades that were possible because of the 2010 levy passage.

I think I understand why this was done. After all, there were plenty of “thank you voters” in the paper last year. Sending out a card to each home that repeats the message is good P.R.  It is better to read this than the messages a lot of other districts are sending, warning of cuts to services and sports if levies are not passed.

It also makes me wonder when the next card will show up on my doorstep, the one that will list all the cuts in state funding and implores us to vote for the new levy.  I haven’t checked the county auditor website for a while to find the ranking of the county schools, the last time Grandview was number one in millage for the schools. It will take a lot of P.R. work to pass another levy if that is still the case.


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