Back in the Saddle Again

Published November 14, 2011 by justicewg

Weee-Ha! Round em’ up partners, I’m back on the inter-range, lookin’ ta hoot and holler and raise up a ruckus.

From 2003 to 2009 my stomping ground was a blog called Grandview Watch. Them was the days, figuring out where those government critters were hiding all the scandals. Secret raises, turf battles, I even found a tea bagging superintendent before the words “tea bagging” were used to identify a pack of political ne’er-do-wells.

After the election of 09′ things got real quiet in this town. The biggest news was the unbelievable raises given to the school administrators and the police force. Even that wasn’t so unbelievable, the history of both the city council and the school board (very much so for the board) during the last recession was to keep the raises up as though the economy had no effect. And why shouldn’t they – the voters in this town keep passing levies.

I think that is about to change. The recovery is so anemic it can hardly be called a recovery. And the state is about to choke off the money to the cities and schools. I have a feeling we will be seeing board meetings full of howling parents, and city council meetings packing the town hall. Hold your hats, buckeroos, we got us a storm comin’ that is going to be squeezing the blubbers out of folks.


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